• jx031 single drinking straw packing machine - jiexuan ¡­

    JX031 Single Drinking Straw Packing Machine - JIEXUAN ¡­

    JX031 Series Single Drinking Straw Packing Machine is the most popular equipment among the drinking straw packing machines, and it is suitable for the packaging of ¡­

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  • single drinking straw packing machine with paper or bopp film

    Single drinking straw packing machine with paper or bopp film

    JX031 single drinking straw packing machine: Power&Voltage: 1/3 phases 220/380/415V, 1kw/h power consumption: Motor: 0.75kw: Functions: temperature ¡­

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  • single straw packing machine

    Single Straw Packing Machine

    KD-31 drinking straw single auto packing machine is a machine of packing single straw, it can be used paper or film to packing straight straw fle. ¡­

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  • pla straw making machine, plastic straw making machine

    PLA Straw Making Machine, Plastic Straw Making Machine

    Marrow PLA straw extruder can produce 80kg of straws material per hour, and its production capacity is 400 ¡« 1800 pcs/min, with an extrusion output of 60 ¡«100 kgs/h. ¡­

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  • pla drinking straw extrusion machine-jeyang ¡­

    PLA drinking straw extrusion machine-JEYANG ¡­

    Feb 28, 2020 ¡¤ Customized PLA drinking straw extrusion machine and Tetra-pack straws mega-boxing machine with quality components from JEYANG MACHINERY, leading manufacturers in China.

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  • straw packing machine manufacturer, drinking straw ¡­

    Straw Packing Machine Manufacturer, Drinking Straw ¡­

    Jiexuan manufacture straw packing machine including straw single packing machine, multiple straw packing machine, I-shape and U-shape.

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  • drinking straw group packing machine

    Drinking Straw Group Packing Machine

    Drinking Straw Group Packing Machine Multi-packs of any number (below 40), filling, sealing, packaging, and cutting can be completed at one time. A ¡­

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  • paper straw making machine - making the best ¡­

    Paper Straw Making Machine - Making the best ¡­

    ADVANTAGES. find the features of paper straw forming machine. High-speed production up to 105m/min input and 80m/min output. 8 cutting-knife system with new structure for easy air cylinder adjustment. 5 servo ¡­

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